JMY-4220 , JMY-6020


  • The construction fits physical design of human body, easy to operate, great stability, easy maintain.
  • Machine with rigid Casting , equips with high precision Ball Screw for precision and complicate parts cutting. It can saves machining time since it has C and Y axis for milling, turning and tapping in one cycle. It is suitable for auto, electric, mechanic, hardware, hydraulic and medizin parts.

Turret Milling, Tapping, Threading Function

  • Turret use Servo System for quick and stable index. Turret equips with 20 Tools for all complicate parts , so the performance is very high.
  • The turret of the Y asix is used the advanced four roller guide way. It is suitable heavy duty and a big travel. It is higher rigid and accuracy.
  • Driving tool uses direct transmission. So the driving tool speed is very high, but with quiet sound, low wear out, high Torque.

*This Servo Turret equips with Y axis, 120mm . High ridigity to perform all kinds of Milling function.

Main Spindle C Axis function

  • Using high perfomace Fanuc, Mitsubishi position encoder accuracy attend ±6 angle seconds.

Function of the finsished parts delivery

  • Finished part are deliverd by rbot ar and conveyor collect finihed parts to outside.


Machine Specification Unit JMY-4220 JMY-6020
Proce ssing Ability      
Max. Working Dia. mm 180 180
Max. Working Length mm 300 250
Bar though Hole mm 42 60
Spindle Nose   A2-5 A2-6
Spindle Speed rpm 10-6000 10-4000
Spindle Motor kw 15(22) 15(30)
Rotary Tool      
Living Tool rpm rpm 6000 6000
Living Tool type BMT(VDI30)
Living Tool motor kw 2.2/3.7
Y Axis    
Travel mm 100 100
Rapid min/m 9 9
Motor output kw 1.8 1.8
X Axis    
Travel mm 100 100
Rapid min/m 18 18
Motor output kw 1.8 1.8
Z Axis    
Travel mm 350 350
Rapid min/m 24 24
Motor output kw


Turret stations pcs 20 20
Motor output kw 1.2 1.2
Pneumalic/Hydralic Motor    
Air Pressure kgs 7 7
Hydraulic Preesure Capability HP/kgs 2/35 2/35
Coolant motor HP 1 1
Lub. Motor w 250 250
Parts Coneyor Motor w 250 250
Chip Coneyor Motor w 400 400
Machine Weight kgs 3600 4000
Machine Dimension mm 3800 4200

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

  • Power Radial Milling Tool Holder
  • Power Axial Milling Tool Holder
  • Metal Chip Conveyor
  • Bar Feeder