TMY-25, TMY-36, TMY-4236, TMY-5042
Double Spindle Turning Center
High efficiency, high precision CNC Lathe


  • Machine with high rigid, and precision Linear Guide for heavy and precise cutting to reach excellent Accuracy. Double Spindle use Hydraulic Hollow chuck and cylinder. Machine has C Axis and driving tool to make turning and milling in one program to Keep its Precision Accuracy.

Function of Parts conveyor

Time of changing tools is faster 0.15 second

Stable, high-speed spindle


Machine Specification Item TMY-25 TMY-42
Main spindle      
Max. though-hole diameter mm 25 42
Spindle max. rpm. rpm 6000
X-axis travel (vertical axis) mm 200
Y-axis travel (longitudinal axis) mm 650
Z-axis travel(cross axis) mm 175
X,Y,Z rapid travel meter speed m/min 30/30/30
No. O.D. turning tool holder cube 20mm mm 6 6
No. I.D. turning tool holder dia. 25mm mm 5 5
Spindle motor 3.7/5.5 5.5/7.5
X,Y,Z servo motor 1.2/1.2/1.2 1.8/1.8/1.8
Spindle center high mm 894
Back spindle      
Max. diameter mm 25 42
Back spindle max. rpm rpm 6000
X axis travel   355
Z axis travel   420
Collect chuck for both spindle   YB-25 173E
X,Z rapid travel meter speed m/min 30/30
No. of back tool holder I.D. holder 25mm   5 (o.p. 10)
Tooling size for each living tool   ER-20
Radial & Axial live tooling motor kw 2.2
Radial & Axial live tooling max. speed rpm 3000rpm (o.p. 6000rpm)
No. of tools to be mounted( Radial & Axial)   5/5
No. Sub spindle live tooling   5
Back live tooling servo motor kw 1.2
Back live tooling max. speed rpm 3000rpm (o.p. 6000rpm)
Min. imput unit mm 0.001
Machine Size (LxWxH)   3745x1800x1921
Net Weight kgs 4300 4500
Two unit coolant pump hp 1 1
Input power capacity kva 30 35

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Optional Accessories