Model : JW-31, JW-41


  • Ultra-high Stability at High Speed Machining
  • 45° Slant Bed with ridig Construction with Travel 750mm, could add travel every 500mm for Z axis.

Z axis side

  • Bigger Z Axis slideway with double side Taper Gib to keep Z axis accuracy and rigidity, also to keep cutting more stable and tooling longer life.


  • Tailstock Body use double clamping cylinder to fix in Slideway to keep its rigidity. Option accessory for Programable Tailstock with MT 4 Center, Quill Diamenter 110mm with travel 110mm.

CNC operation panel

  • operation panel can be turned 60°, which is good for handel. under has Drawbox to put the tooling . Steanless Panel can resist Oil and dirty , so the life is much longer.

Multi-function coolant tank

  • Multiful Functions Coolant Tank can be mounted 2 set Pump and Oil Skimmer.
  • oolant Tank can be draw out from Front, so it is easy for maintainance and keep its cleaning.


  • Spindle has been inner / outter grinded, so the accuracy is very high and roundout very precious.


Machining Capacity Max. Machining Diameter (mm) 480 450 400 400 480 400 400 400
Max. Machining Length (mm) 750/1250/1750/2250
Swing Over Cross Slide (mm) 770
Travel Max. X Axis Travel 275+20 275+20 275+20 275+20 275+20 275+20 275+20 275+20
X Axis Motor 3.0kw
Y Axis Travel *Optional ± 50 X O X O X O X O
Y Axis Motor 1.8kw 1.8kw
Z Axis Max. Cross Travel (mm) 750/1250/1750/2250
Z Motor 3.0kw 4.0kw
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z 18/9*/24
Slide way type Box way
Main Spindle Spindle Speed 10-3500rpm 10-2500rpm
Main Spindle Through-hole Diameter 75mm 91mm
Spindle Nose A2-8mm A2-11mm
Spindle Chuck 10"/12" 15"/18"
Spindle Motor 15/18.5 KW 22/26 KW
Main Input Unit 0.001mm 0.001mm
Cutting Tool Size □ 25 □ 32
Cutting Tool Size of Inner Tools Ø40 Ø32 Ø40 Ø32 Ø50 Ø32 Ø50 Ø32
Max. Tapping Capability M20 M24
No of Axis Controls X/Z/*Y X/Z/*Y
Hydraulic Tailstock Tapper Type Living center A2-4/ Fixed center A2-5
Travel 690/1190/1690/2190
Sub-spindle Sub-spindle Speed No 4000rpm No 3000rpm
Sub-spindle nose No A2-5 No A2-6
Sub-spindle Through-hole In Dia. No 42 No 42
Chuck No 6" No 8"
Sub-spindle Power Output No 3.7/5.5KW No 5.5/7.5KW
Turret No of External Turning Tools 6
No of Internal Turning Tools 3 3
Number of Tools Station 12/10* 12/16* 12/10* 12/16* 12/10* 12/16* 12/10* 12/16*
The Time of Changing Adjoining Tool 0.15 seconds 0.3 seconds
BMT/VDI Size No BMT55/VDI40 No BMT55/VDI40 No BMT65/VDI40 No BMT65/VDI40
Drive Power No 2.2/3.7 No 2.2/3.7 No 3.7/5.5 No 3.7/5.5
Collect Chuck Size ER25
Max. Live Tool Speed 6000 6000 5000 5000
Servo Drive Motor No 1.2KW No 1.2KW
Air Pressure 7 Bar
Lubrication Motor 250W
Hydraulic Unit 3hp/35kgs
Coolant Pump Motor 1 hp 1 hp
Machine Dimension L X W X H (mm) 4200x1750x2000 4300x1750x2000 4200x1950x2000 4300x1950x2000
Net Weight 7600kgs 7800kgs 7900kgs 8000kgs 8000kgs 8200kgs 8100kgs 8500kgs

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Optional Accessories


  • 8.4"color
  • 10"/12"power chuck including 1set soft jaws(JW-31)
  • 15"/18"power chuck including 1set soft jaws(JW-41)
  • Central Lubrication System
  • Coolant System
  • Hydralic Unit System
  • Three Color Indicator Tower
  • Tool Box
  • Electric Manual with Jenn Wei/One Set
  • Operation Manual with Jenn Wei & Fanuc
  • Foot Switch
  • Chip Conveyor & bullet
  • Servo Motor Index Turret 12 Stations
  • Full-Closed Cover Garud
  • Cabinet Heat Exchanger
  • Count Complete Auto. Power Off
  • Two-year Warranty for Controller
  • 1 Year Machine Warmty
  • O.D Turning Tool Holder 25x25 12pcs
  • I.D. Turning Tool Holder 3sets ida. 40
  • Tool sleeve 8,10,12,16,20,25,32 per 2pcs
  • Programable tailstock M2-5


  • Bar Feeder Interface
  • High Pressure Collant Pump
  • CE Sandard
  • Mist collector
  • Air condition for electic box
  • Renishaw tool presetter(auto or manual)
  • Export wooden case
  • Y axis device +-50
  • Sub.spindle device 8"power 3 jaws chuck
  • Power radial milling tool holder ER32
  • Power axial milling tool holder ER32
  • Transformer 40 kva
  • Rotary tailstock enter M2-4
  • Spindle Gear box 2 Steps
  • Powered servo turren BMT65 or VDI40 12T

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