JMY-4220 , JMY-6020


  • The construction fits physical design of human body, easy to operate, great stability, easy maintain.
  • Machine with rigid Casting , equips with high precision Ball Screw for precision and complicate parts cutting. It can saves machining time since it has C and Y axis for milling, turning and tapping in one cycle. It is suitable for auto, electric, mechanic, hardware, hydraulic and medizin parts.

Turret Milling, Tapping, Threading Function

  • Turret use Servo System for quick and stable index. Turret equips with 20 Tools for all complicate parts , so the performance is very high.
  • The turret of the Y axis is used the advanced four roller guide way. It is suitable heavy duty and a big travel. It is higher rigid and accuracy.
  • Driving tool uses direct transmission. So the driving tool speed is very high, but with quiet sound, low wear out, high Torque.

*This Servo Turret equips with Y axis, 120mm . High ridigity to perform all kinds of Milling function.

Main Spindle C Axis function

  • Using high perfomace Fanuc, Mitsubishi position encoder accuracy attend ±6 angle seconds.

Function of the finished parts delivery

  • Finished part are deliverd by robot arm and conveyor collect finished parts to outside.


Machine Specification Unit JMY-4220 JMY-6020
Proce ssing Ability      
Max. Working Dia. mm 180 180
Max. Working Length mm 300 250
Bar though Hole mm 42 60
Spindle Nose   A2-5 A2-6
Spindle Speed rpm 10-6000 10-4000
Spindle Motor kw 15(22) 15(30)
Rotary Tool      
Living Tool rpm rpm 6000 6000
Living Tool type BMT(VDI30)
Living Tool motor kw 2.2/3.7
Y Axis    
Travel mm 100 100
Rapid min/m 9 9
Motor output kw 1.8 1.8
X Axis    
Travel mm 100 100
Rapid min/m 18 18
Motor output kw 1.8 1.8
Z Axis    
Travel mm 350 350
Rapid min/m 24 24
Motor output kw


Turret stations pcs 20 20
Motor output kw 1.2 1.2
Pneumalic/Hydraulic Motor    
Air Pressure kgs 7 7
Hydraulic Preesure Capability HP/kgs 2/35 2/35
Coolant motor HP 1 1
Lub. Motor w 250 250
Parts Coneyor Motor w 250 250
Chip Coneyor Motor w 400 400
Machine Weight kgs 3600 4000
Machine Dimension mm 3800 4200

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Optional Accessories


  1. LCD Display Screen
  2. Hydraulic Power Chuck (171 or 173 or 3 Jaw Chuck)
  3. Central Lubrication System
  4. Interior Hole Turning Tool Holder and Outside Diameter Turning Tool Holder 10 pcs
  5. Oil Pump System
  6. Bar Feeder Interface
  7. Three Color Indicator Tower
  8. Tool Box
  9. The Parts Catcher For Finished Products Conveyor
  10. Finished Products Conveyor
  11. Count Complete Automatic Power Off
  12. Interior Hole Turning Tool Sleeve 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 3 pcs / each
  13. Operation Manual
  14. Servo Motor Index Turret (20 Tool Stations or 24 Tool Stations)
  15. Full-Closed Cover Guard
  16. Cutting Coolant System
  17. Electrical Manual
  18. Work Light
  19. CE Standard


  1. Power Radial Milling Tool Holder ER32
  2. Power Axial Milling Tool Holder 90ER32
  3. Bar Feeder
  4. Chip Conveyor
  5. Turret High Pressure Motor Unit
  6. Constant Voltage Regulator
  7. Oil Mist Separator
  8. Oil Skimmer